The Official Bio
A philosopher by inclination and education, Karen is fascinated by the creative process. She has won awards for her poetry and short fiction and has been published in a range of literary and scholarly journals, most recently Grain Magazine,  Obra/Artifact, The Fieldstone Review,  Woven Tale Press, Cargo Literary and Geist. 

Karen teaches writing, literature and humanities courses for post-secondary learners and works as freelance writer. A proud resident of Hamilton, Ontario, she is a member of the League of Canadian Poets. She is currently seeking publication for her first poetry collection and her first novel.

The Unofficial Bio
I’ve always loved reading and writing. As a child I wrote longhand on stacks of scrap paper I clipped into a pink clipboard. Later on, I banged out stories on my dad’s Brother Activator. (Ouch, remember typewriters!?) I gave all that up in my twenties to pursue more “serious” things.

Eventually I earned a PhD in Philosophy from Northwestern University, Chicago. By the time I'd graduated, full-time academic positions were scarce. And academic research and debate weren't satisfying my growing creative streak. After my children were born, I started "writing seriously" as a way to cope with my pressing professional and existential problems.

I began copywriting on a freelance basis and also teaching literature, creative writing and professional writing on a part-time basis in colleges. I returned to school to complete a Master of Arts in English at York University.

My creative writing has racked up rejections and, slowly, a few clutch acceptances. My professional writing and teaching repertoire is expanding, client by client. Who knows what's next...except that I'll be writing.  

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