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Tuesday evenings in summer 
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How can you use writing as a means of healing, self-care, and self-development?

In this class participants will be introduced to a variety of techniques (journaling, free-writing, memoir, biblio-poetry, creative writing, reflective writing, metaphors, group writing) through hands-on exercises. The healing potential of reading practices will also be considered. 

Participants will leave with a new set of tools to help cope with life’s challenges. 

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A few of my most recent publications. 
A 10 year-old Oakville boy digs up a skull in his backyard, starting a disturbing trend. 

Literary short fiction in Grain Magazine, 45.2, Winter 2018.
"Non-Objective Poem

made art
for as long as I knew her

Poetry dedicated to my grandmother, in Motherhood in Precarious Times. Toronto: Demeter Press, 2018.
Strange things happen when we feel beholden to a structure. If lesson planning with Bloom’s Taxonomy hasn’t been working for you or your class, rethink the background on how it should be applied. Break down the hierarchy and rebuild.

One of my many blog articles for TopHat. 
In the days when you drew me with your little voice  
Mama! Mama!  
I ran to you.  

Poetry in Woven Tale Press V#1 February 2017.  
That summer, the kids and I experimented with heirloom vegetable gardening. Boy did things get crazy quickly. 

Creative nonfiction in the journal Obra/Artifact, 3 (Mythos) Summer 2017. 
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